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New Headcovers Are Rolling Out

Dear all!

Sorry we haven’t been updating ourself for a while! Lots have been happening in the past couple months, as we were busying finishing off the final touch of our new covers. At the same time, we are trying our best to complete all the custom-made orders. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerely apologise, on behalf from me and the team, the dealy that you’re experiencing, or experienced. But I can assure you will be happy with the quality. As nothing will go out of our studio if we are not satisfy with it. We will not comprise our craftmanship standard because just to have to rush the order.

After all, now it’s mid May, I hope everyone has the chance to go out to the course, and do a few swings! Have a lovely season ahead, and please stay in touch.

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “New Headcovers Are Rolling Out

  1. mark says:

    Purchased an IRON MAN Head Cover last year and I have to say I am very happy and impressed by the quality of the finished product. The pictures do not do the end products justice. They are that good.
    Would happily recommend these guys to all my friends and associates.

    Queensland, Australia.

    1. jeswingers says:

      Thank you so much Mark! Much appreciated for your positive comments, and we will continuous our hardworks, to create more nice and identical headcovers!

  2. Charlie kane says:

    Received my iron man headcover today, I have to say the pictures dont do it justice. This thing is beyond amazing. Very high quality material. The paint job is awesome too, would recommend to anyone. Hoping the guys come out with a spiderman/batman/superman/captain america headcover. Id be all over those too. Thank you je swingers!!

    1. jeswingers says:

      Thank you so much and we are really appreciated of your comment!!! Enjoy it!

  3. Dylan says:

    Extremely happy with what is to offer, but curious to see what will come out new!

  4. Mike Fontenot says:

    Still waiting to hear an update on the Darth Vader HC!! I’m sitting on pins and needles for them to become available!

    1. jeswingers says:

      Hello Mike!! It’s getting to the final straight! Ready to ship by the end of the month! Just a week away

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