Am I expecting you to believe that was a golf club in a suit that conveniently appeared?

In the spring of 2012, two rather average golfers, named Jack and Eric, went shopping and trying to look for some cool headcovers to add to their bags (Shhhhh….. Main reason was just trying to draw people attention away from my rocket-high handicap!)

They were disappointed. So, they designed to make his own! All of a sudden, their own custom made headcovers become the talk of the course. Other golfers were very keen to get one for their own. Jack and Eric thought it would be a great idea to form a workshop, and start making cool and fun headcovers. And that’s how JE Swingers Golfing Gear Company were born. It’s just that simple.

JE Swingers is like many great brands in the world. It all started by a dissatisfaction on everyday ordinary products on the market, and decided to make their own. Jack and Eric are using (still using!) their creativity and dedicated handcraft skills, to continue to deliver products that help golf players wanting that extra inch of uniqueness to their golf gears.

Since day one, our mission has remained the same: Create the Best Fun Golf Products in the World. We like it Personal.
Good luck and we hope you can enjoy it as much as we do!!

By Jack and Eric


Chief Product Designer and Co-Founder


Jack is the chief product designer and co-founder of JE Swingers. Everyday Jack turns up to work like he just had the greatest night of his life! He is always happy and full of energise, except when Manchester United lost their game. Nevertheless, he is the creative brain of JESwingers! So if you have any technical questions, comments or feedbacks about any of our products, he is always eager to listen and write back to you!


CEO and Co-Founder of JESwingers


Eric is the CEO and co-founder of JESwingers. Although he is not that creative, his level of management skills and experiences are what propelling this company.


Team Leader


Natasha is our customer service in-charge. She is the one who generally communicate with you, and the one who look after your orders. And it does not stop from here, after every order is fulfilled, Natasha keeps an eye on its delivery status, making sure the order is delivered within timeframe and in original condition. She is fed on happy customer. Although she is a plus size girl, she is very happy, and most importantly, she is always full.

Yong Park

Director of Production and Sales Manager


Yong is our Korean Representative.

Tizhi Chen

Product Designer


Tizhi has recently joined us as a product designer. He is an experienced golfer (WAYYYYY better than Eric and Jack), and has an excellent relationship with his sewing machine! He will be working along with Jack, and brings more exciting and fun head cover to all you JESwingers!